Sunday, September 07, 2008

I wish you we're here

Everyday I wake up see,
and I see you're away,
away from me, how could you be,
so far away..

I want to see you smile,
walk with me in the farms,
make me a pie,
make me sleep in your arms,
while you sing me a song...

I wish I could kiss you,
and make you love,
here in my dreams,
I wait for you here,
How I wish,
How I wish you we're here...

06th Sept' 08


Thursday, June 07, 2007

Longest wait..

I've lived a frivolous life,
midst blades and knife,
wandered all around,
In the pursuit for bliss,
come take me in your arms,
i beg for one last kiss,
She awaits me, with her arms wide,
I must consign, and the pain shall subside
my love, my life,
take me and burn me to ashes,
and i shall reincarnate..
to kiss you again...

6th June' 07

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Its You

I am insomniac, feeling restless,
loosing appetite, have become speechless,
struck by Alzheimer's, I feel only pain,
burning deep and deeper, I feel choked,
I am schizophrenic, dubbed demented,
my symptoms are suicidal..
I am dead, but still it beats,
Its an incorrigible disease,
and it is You...

9th May'07

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The road to paradise goes through hell

I Quit,
and hence I do not fit
Its not fuel[1] in my veins,
the pain is when these eyes rains
What I seek lies inside me,
let the curtains drop,
and we can see
With every step I take backward,
I move a little forward
I rush to the origin,
to reach till the end
Your guns are my strength,
and my fear is my friend
The rings[2] do not power me,
and the chains[3] do not guard me
I ride the wings of my dreams,
and I dream to crush them all
I quit the road,
and then I fell
but my friend,
The road to paradise goes through hell.

13th March 2007

[1] Fuel here represents Alcohol.
[2] Rings here also refer to the smoke rings formed while smoking.
[3] Chains here refer to necklace composed of Rudraksh (A holy bead in Hindu mythology)

Hindi Version can be read here.


Friday, February 23, 2007

Oh Lord ... Set me Free..

I stand in the aisles of dream world,
am afraid to walk down the road..
aware of what lies ahead..
and hesitant to relinquish my past..
engulfed by this illusion..
I fear my failure..
the illusion of this materialistic world,
Kingdoms, Treasure, Esteem, Love..
I lure for nothing..
All I desire for is Nirvana...

O almighty, the creator of all,
I consign my soul to you..
Oh supreme, extricate me from these worldly pains,
Oh Lord ... Set me Free..

10th Dec 2006


Hatred is all I want for myself...

Hatred is all I want for myself...
I have been broken once before,
Left alone to cry in my caves,
Dont want to be abandoned once again
Philophobic that I am..Frustrated that I am..
Cursing my fate, Crying once again..
Dont want to be hurt again...
Death is all I desire for myself..
Hatred is all I want for myself..

Happy I am than ever before..
No one is around me to hurt me any more..
But I wonder why you still wander in my dreams..
Somniphobic that I have become..
Dont want to close my eyes once again...
I need a shoulder to cry again..
but afraid I am.. of being betrayed once again..
So love is not what I desire for myself...
Hatred is all I want for myself...

29th July 2006


Requiem of your dreams

Enjoy the every bit of Pain ...
as this is all you have been spared of..
Your life has been sucked..
and all u are left with, is this burden to carry on..
until death sets you free ...

Celebrate the requiem of your dreams..
and wait for what destiny stores for you..
as there is no worse suffering, than what u feel now..
and there lies a beautiful tomorrow ahead..

16th Dec 2006


I Wish..

I stand alone, looking at the sky..
questions haunt me, dont know the reason why??
searching for a space where I could lie..
I wish.. I could cry..

I run, your shadow chases me..
I turn around, but I cant see..
Your breath is gripping me..
I wish.. I could fly..

I look in her eyes, and they tell me..
that its not love they have for me..
her smile kills me, when I ask her the reason for lies,
and now I wish.. I could die..

14th Aug 2006