Friday, February 23, 2007

Hatred is all I want for myself...

Hatred is all I want for myself...
I have been broken once before,
Left alone to cry in my caves,
Dont want to be abandoned once again
Philophobic that I am..Frustrated that I am..
Cursing my fate, Crying once again..
Dont want to be hurt again...
Death is all I desire for myself..
Hatred is all I want for myself..

Happy I am than ever before..
No one is around me to hurt me any more..
But I wonder why you still wander in my dreams..
Somniphobic that I have become..
Dont want to close my eyes once again...
I need a shoulder to cry again..
but afraid I am.. of being betrayed once again..
So love is not what I desire for myself...
Hatred is all I want for myself...

29th July 2006



Blogger About Me said...

Hey why such a sad story, Baba Mastram ka ye pehlu aaj hi aay hai samne.
Kehte hain ki duniya mein humko sab kuch dekhna padta hai...accha ho ya bura...aur kuch aisa bhi hota hai ki bas aap yahi sochte ho..."what did I do to desreve this good or bad" ....and after hours of thinking, pondering over that thought....u still r back to the point where you started.
So do give shape to ur thoughts but try to mould the negative ones into the positive, so that when you go back to those little things which mean a lot...u r not saddened but give a faint smile and move on.

7:25 AM  

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